Welcome to Confidante Consulting New York

Our Approach

Meet our founder:

Natalya does not claim that she knows everything, but she always reaches for the stars for her clients. Over the years of practice in business law, yoga and meditation, she realized that all those could perfectly compliment and facilitate each other. In fact, business does much better and serves much longer when done in a balanced manner with a clear mind.

Her career path started in 2003 and included work at an insurance company; real estate developer, prominent international law firms and even a radio group. She advised, negotiated and assisted in launching and developing various international projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Construction companies;
  • Agricultural business;
  • Pharmaceutical companies;
  • Oil and gas producers;
  • Institutional investors;
  • Wellness centers;
  • Nonprofits.

In Confidante Natalya offers to help start and grow businesses using traditional legal background coupled with a successful mindset tune-up techniques. Her cultural sensitivity attributed to the exposure and deep understanding of collectivistic and individualistic cultures, which now allows her to work from the client’s frame of reference and to find optimal solutions in every business situation, especially, negotiations. Natalya’s sense of business will create the right team of experts to achieve your objective. She will not only help you structure a deal or manage the project, but she will also help you to create a sustainable business with the compatible experts and employees.

You can read more about Natalya here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/polyushkevich/

References available upon request.

Natalya shares:

The idea of Confidante Consulting came when my friends, friends of friends asked me for business advice more and more frequently and when the word of mouth started bringing clients. I saw a lot of good ideas and projects that just needed some creative and positive boost, a good structure and direction. I have also been involved in charitable projects with the main purpose to help people open their potential in life. For this purpose I have also been teaching yoga and meditation, doing the healing. I believe that you can only be happy and truly rich when you share and teach others to share and multiply. That is why, Confidante is created as a bridge from the world of ideas into the world of actions, resting on the pillars of thoroughness awareness and understanding.

Throughout my life, I was fortunate to meet high-level professionals in different businesses that I am happy to recommend and create full-scale support. I am also not embarrassed to ethically share any valuable information with the client, whether it is coming from me or someone else. That led me to offer multi-level support in opening businesses for people around the globe and locally.

Based on your needs, choose the level of engagement you need.

We communicate about your vision and develop options. Note, that our communication will be prompt and to the point, but also trusted. Whatever you communicate with me stays with me.

Usually I help to create a name and a concept, but if you have one in mind, that is great.  

Here we help you create the most suitable corporate structure, organize your management, using the experts and advisors in the area. Whether it is the United States, the UK, Middle East, or Eastern Europe, whether it is energy or media business, we can be your developer or we can provide you with a viable structure to follow. More importantly, we support you on each step of the progress. 

Let’s take the uncertainty out of the required steps to start a business. You will receive thoroughly researched action steps to take, e.g. obtain the license, satisfy regulatory requirements etc.

You will receive recommendations of professionals to develop and sustain your business further

We will materialize your ideas to the maximum and it will be up to you how far you prefer to take it

So, what do you benefit?

You are fully heard. We discuss your vision and intention, using creative listening. We put it into actionable details. You get in touch with people who help you grow and operate your business. In doing this, we also calm the mind, settle the breath and clear the vision. So, that the whole process does not feel like a hassle, but more like a smooth breeze of luck that flows naturally. And once you set this frequency, the business concept lives a longer and happier life. So do you.
Throughout all the stages, we work with the mindful attitude and setting the mind for the positive outcome. If you are interested in meditations, I will provide you with that too.